I first read about the concept of “blog bets” in Henry Abbott’s ESPN’s “True Hoop” basketball blog. Essentially, Henry would make bets with the other basketball bloggers and the loser would have to blog about the winner’s choice of topic.

To the best of my knowledge, the “blog bet” concept has not surfaced in the search community…so, I figured it’s time to introduce it. However, in order to get others to participate, I’ll have to put forth the opinion not shared by many folks. So, here it is…

The New England Patriots Won’t Win The Super Bowl.

Why? They have the best offense ever…however, their defense isn’t good enough and defense wins championships. They probably should be 14-2 now since they never should have beaten Baltimore and perhaps should have lost to either Philadelphia, New York Giants or Indianapolis. No way they would beat the ’85 Chicago Bears. I’m not confident that a NFC team can beat them…however, I give Indianapolis excellent odds in a rematch and I think San Diego & Jacksonville could potentially beat them as well.

Don’t agree with me? Let’s bet. Here are the ground rules:

1) Post on your blog that you want to take this bet and link to this post from your blog. Also, in your blog post, should you win, post what you want me to blog about. Reasonable editorial rules apply and I don’t have a problem with embarassing myself a little bit but not too much (and I’ll give you a reasonable number of links with the link text of your choice).

2) Post in the comments to this post that you want to take this bet and link to the “Blog Bet” post on your blog.

I will take up to 3 bets. If I win, you agree to write a blog post about SEMpdx and 3 SEMpdx member firms of my choosing (with links & link text of my choice). I’ll announce sometime next week the people whose bets I will take.

This is a great time of year to do blog bets (football playoffs, U.S. candidate primaries, etc.) and in the spirit of spreading the concept of blog bets through the community, I’m tagging Barry Schwartz, Brian Provost, Marty Weintraub, Brian Wallace & Loren Baker to do their own blog bet posts.

Update: Jaan Kanellis, your bet is taken.

Update: This offer is now closed.

Todd Mintz
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