Taylor Pratt: How To Choose The Right Tool:

Key Features for any tool: 1) Saves Time 2) Centralizes Data 3) Collaborative 4) Reliable

Non Traditional SEO Tools (Usability, Analytics, Monitoring, etc):

Micro data: Schema Creator (scheme-creator.org)

Microformats (Microformats.org/code-tools)

Monitoring: (Competitor Monitoring, Content Ideas, Link Opportunities, Community Discovery)

Backtweets (Backtweets.com)

Brandseye (Brandseye.com)

Map (Sysomos.com)

Raven Tools (raventools.com): Real time social monitoring.

Usability Tools (Concepting, Attention Testing, Click Testing, User Testing)

Markup (Markup.com)

Attention Wizard (Attentionwizard.com)

Five Second Test (FiveSecondTest.com)

User Testing (UserTesting.com)

Concept Feedback (ConceptFeedback.com)

Analytics (Content Analysis, Social Sharing Analysis, Keyword Opportunities, Retargeting)

Keyword Opportunities (Engagement, Goals Completed, Conversion Rate).

Is your traffic socially engaged?

SharedCount (SharedCount.com)

Technical Analysis

Wave (wavewebaim.org)

Adobe Browser Lab (browserlabadobe.com)

Screaming Frog (screamingfrog.co.uk)

URL Valet (urlvalet.com)

Gtmetrix (gtmetrix.com)

Truejack (truejack.com)

Feedbackarmy (feedbackarmy.com)

Tools of the Trade (Scott Hendison)

Google Chrome to the Rescue (with a few add-ons, extensions & plugins).

Google Chrome Restores with Sync…works in seconds.

Must haves for SEO: Session Manager (Client Reporting, Gathering Stats, Multiple Browser Windows & Tabs…a lot of time can be wasted). Open a ton of windows and save the session.

Bit.ly (shortens URL’s)

SEO Extensions for Chrome (SEO for Chrome, SEO Quake)

Meta SEO Inspector

SEO Site Tools For Chrome

SEOmoz Bar

Pendume (Web Developer Tools)

Advanced Page Analysis

Page Speed in Google Chrome (still experimental, needs to be added manually, any page can be instantly dissected, right click – inspect element—page speed).

Other things: Text Macros (Shortkeys) Watching Videos: My Speed (for videos)…speeds them up.

Use Images in Content. Picture Paste

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