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Great session full of tips, and excellent advice about how to deal with landing page testing and optimization. Please bare with my gross spelling and grammatical errors, and special shout out to Evan Davies for the use of his laptop.

Mary Huffman kicked off the session by offering 10 aspects to test on your landing pages. These 10 items are great ways to squeeze more value out of the clicks.

Mary recommended testing every aspect of a page in a measured approach if possible. She even said the sometimes counterintuitive works sometimes, and the only way you would know would by testing.

Mary provided examples from WhichTestWon. Her top aspects to test were:

1.) Headline: Keywords in Headlines?

2.) Try Breaking Up Long Forms: Breaking Up a Long Form May Convert Better

3.) Length of Form: Short or Long

4.) Layout of Page: More Copy Can Be a Good Thing?

5.) Placement of security icon: Yay or Nay? Yay!

6.) Button Size: Bigger is Better

7.) Vocabulary: Training vs. Webinar.

8.) Photos: Know Your Target.

9.) Button Color: Make Your Most Important Button Standout.

10.) Photo vs. Video: Video Worked Best for New Users on Landing Page Only.

She followed up with a short stats lesson about data validity, sample size and determining test time. Long story short… may take awhile.

Finally, Mary touched on some great resources for marketers to use for testing.

Cameron Cowan from Omniture explained the dilemma most SEM’s run into. The no man’s land between the users and creative.

He highlighted that control of your landing pages is essential to success, as SEM’s agree costs for clicks are going up. He emphasized that not optimizing and testing your landing pages is a waste of money, and more importantly time.

He also spoke about Omniture’s new Test and Target product for landing page testing. It is a robust platform that allows companies to take a measured approach to the creation and testing of landing pages.

Cameron left off by saying SEMs must use their testing to target users. This will improve site experience, and should improve profitability which he mentioned gets lost in the shuffle of conversion metrics.

During the Q&A, Mary invited users to visit Which MVT, a landing page testing platform comparison site.

Well done on both accounts. Their slides are available at


Mary Huffman – Ionic Media

Cameron Cowen – Adobe


Lisa Williams


Spencer Helm of Amplify Interactive, a Portland Oregon SEM agency

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