Influencer Marketing Strategy Best Practices, Tips and Trends

I recently had the opportunity to appear as a guest on Michael Perman’s show: Craving the Future Podcast: The Future of Influence. I shared the guest role with the co-host of my new podcast, Podcast for Closers, Mike Chase. The conversation among...

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10 Factors to a Successful Company Launch via Paid and Organic Search Marketing

I’ve always enjoyed working with entrepreneurs on go-to-market strategies, perhaps because I’ve been in that position myself in the past. Although startups are typically higher-risk clients with smaller budgets for agencies, it’s easier to...

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SEMpdx Survey

Help Us, Help You: Your Input Is Needed For SEMpdx Survey

We need your input on helping make SEMpdx better. SEMpdx sent out a survey today to active and expired members, as well as folks on our newsletter list. [caption id="attachment_14280" align="alignnone" width="300"] Picture from After Party at...

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