It’s cold, dirty, smelly, and cramped under this bridge; and people are so rude. Yesterday I was like “No, I won’t share my fire-grilled possum with you! I caught it fair and square – so go get your own!” It worked out alright though; my wife eventually did catch her own.

There was rumor today that we might be moving out from under the bridge. We’ll see, but hopes are high, and morale is good. I’ll miss all my new neighbors and campfire sing-along pals – but I suspect we’ll get over it.

Day four results (no, I’m not including weekends in my day-count)…

Today was a slow start for two reasons. One, I have a good deal of behind the scenes work I’m doing while plowing through the fantastic list of social sites on my friend Jenny’s page I don’t think I’ve ever seen a list so complete…or long.

Second, I am working hard to return calls, emails, private tweets, and friend and connection requests. The response is great, but it definitely takes time to get back to everyone.

Well, there’s actually a third reason… I’m beginning to feel like a thorn in the sides of all of my friends and colleagues. Social media needs constant attention. And like with most things, out-of-sight out-of-mind. If I don’t keep the message flowing in front of people – followers, connections, tips, and offers of help all begin to dwindle.

I know people are busy. To send a personal request to all my contacts once is one thing; but to keep hounding and asking for retweets, blog posts, and mentions over and over is just annoying. So, based on a contingency plan in my original test design, I need to focus on some alternate options.

There is one other problem plaguing me – its Thanksgiving week, which means many people are on vacation and not tuning in. I may be missing out on opportunities because people are tuned out for the holiday. I will likely need to plan for some repeats next week to bring people back in.

But – no worries. I have a feeling something great is going to happen this week. So while I am planning numerous activities to keep this experiment growing, I am simultaneously planning for a successful end… possibly in my day five wrap up!?

Keep your fingers crossed. It would be great to show the success of this experiment in such a short period.

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4 thoughts on “Living Under a Bridge – Day Five

  1. Just A fan from your recent Vegas appearance wishing you well and thanks too for your inspiring persona augmented exponentially by your current suare’.
    “Call me !”

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