It was a wet, windy day under the Hawthorne Bridge. We tried to keep warm by the radiation of the laptop screen, but it just wasn’t enough and battery power was running low. Then an idea struck. Using many abandoned shopping carts for parts, I built a rather clunky mouse…er, people-wheel, just big enough for my wife and kids to run on – and to power the laptop. Ahhhh, now we are all warm and I can keep looking for work…

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A bit about me

I have been directing Internet Marketing strategies for 10 years; almost entirely in SEO, PPC, analytics, and conversion design, testing, and enhancement. But I’ve never dealt hands-on with Social Media Marketing (SMM). I leave that to experts like Chris Winfield at 10e20 (hi Chris).

So though I am blessed with a large network of search colleagues and friends, I’m really running this test as a social media novice. I hope people of all levels will learn something through the journey. So let’s look at day two; an interesting day to say the least.

The results please…

Results themselves were modest. I received several more Facebook requests and Twitter followers, set up a couple of phone calls, landed a small freelance deal, and confirmed an in-person meeting/interview for tomorrow… er, today when you read this.

So that’s all good and well, but let me take you down the interesting path of the day…

It started with a lot of confidence. I posted my day-one recap, Twittered it, sent numerous emails to colleagues, and got to work reviewing job listings and freelance postings. I was excited by the spike of traffic to and my resume, and was hopeful for an even greater day two. Then things began to crumble.

First, more than one colleague let me know that they can’t just focus on me – that they have other things to do and can’t post about this social test every day. Wow – its only day two, and I’m pretty sure we all have at least 60 seconds in a day to help a friend, colleague, or perfect damn stranger for that matter.

I don’t hold this against anyone; but it did raise an eyebrow. Maybe I live by a different creed, but I believe in helping others. Not for reward, monetary gain, or anything else; but rather to help a fellow person in their own quest. A friend once told me to give till it hurts, and don’t think twice. He said you don’t need to think about rewards, because you will be rewarded in life, or after, ten-fold when you give unselfishly. I’m not perfect, but I try to live as close to this as possible.

So, I tried to move past the setback, feeling a bit abashed by their comments. I didn’t want to take it personal, yet I wondered if such sentiment would be wide spread. If so, this social test may have an ugly and unexpected end.

Then a second hit. Apparently I had posted of my assisted departure from my prior employer in a manner unappealing to their desires. Let me be clear – I never, in any way, said anything derogatory – but none the less, they were upset and may have jumped a little too harshly. I think the speed at which news travels online may have frightened them a bit. But what I thought would be an ugly mess, was not – and a couple phone calls cleared everything up. Let me just say – in case anyone questions – they are a good company, with good people. Enough said.

Day two was a bit dry. One thing I learned today, online social media is a lot of work, and all of your social success stops as quickly as you stop typing. That is not what I expected.

I envisioned an engine starting, or a wheel spinning faster – that once this thing got going word would spread fast. Well, not so far. Word spreads and spreads, then I take a break to care for other issues and the damn wheel falls off. Looks like I’ll be starting over on day three.

I’ll be taking a new approach over the next few days. In fact, I’ve written a plan based on feedback and daily results. Kind of a scalability plan, really. Stay tuned as I add new elements and try new things to get the wheels going full speed.

And to any recruiters following this – you should know that as this gains steam, the recruiter(s) that helps the most will be well-rewarded with a great deal of social exposure. Of course, you should help without concern for reward. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Living Under a Bridge – Day three

  1. Scott…

    Love the blog updates. I don’t think you are starting over, just switching directions. There has already been a lot of progress, but action takes time. I estimate that by early to mid December, you will be blogging about your new position.

    If it makes you feel any better, I graduated with my Masters in Creative Brand Management and have been looking for a job since May. It’s not any easier but I have faith that there is something out there for me. Anyway, keep posting, it’s enjoyable.

    All the best and Good Luck!


  2. Scott,

    Keep your head up. It’s tough right now, but somebody will help you out, regardless of receiving something in return. And I agree with networking. I think a lot of people tend to make their profile look great by having so many friends or followers, but they don’t know 2/3 of them. Looking good is one thing, but when it doesn’t benefit you except for looks, it’s not worth having so many. Keep us posted and I have a gut feeling something good will happen before the holidays.

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