Social Media: Huge, surpassed email in popularity.

Twitter: Real Search Engine: 19 Billion queries per month.

Twitter Ads: “Promoted Tweets”. Expand program through 3rd parties. 75% of traffic is via API’s. UberMedia…currently tussling with Twitter.

Facebook: Pages, apps, ads, polls…analytics via Facebook Insights.

Real time search: Is displacing traditional results. Fundamental SEO is still important, but there are new opportunities to gain exposure thanks to real time algos.

Mobile: Mobile advertising is the new point of sale. 25% of Facebook users are on mobile.

Google dominates mobile web ads. IDC: More mobile devices sold in 2011 than PC’s. Apple: 60% of touchscreen market. Most mobile campaigns are ad-hoc and lack the focus of traditional campaigns.

Consider optimizing part of your site for mobile.

Location-based social networking is hot (Foursquare, Gowalla). Geofencing detects location & can place ads on devices.

Video: YouTube is now the second largest search engine by traffic. Video will be 70% of mobile data traffic by 2014. Need to embed metadata, create relevant titles & filenames, appropriate on page optimization, lots of descriptive text where video is embedded & include URL’s in the video to encourage viral linking.

Takeaways: Search marketing continues to grow importance…more opportunities than ever for clever SEM’s, we haven’t begun the upslope curve of hockey stick groth in this industry.

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