1) Please give me your background and tell us what you do for a living.

I’ve been in the search industry for over 6 years. I started in Eugene with TrafficLeader, later to be owned by Marchex. My focus has largely been on Paid Search; but over time, I have become fairly adept at SEO, SMM, and User Experience Design, and will likely incorporate all of these talents in my new job at Portent Interactive. I occasionally write for Fresh Edge Media and the somewhat controversial Syzlak SEM. In my free time I play in the band Donerail, that looks to have a couple new recordings out by the end of the year.

2) Please look over the SearchFest Agenda (https://www.sempdx.org/engage/searchfest-2010-agenda/) and give us some of the sessions / speakers you’re looking forward to seeing.

Bing has really made an impression on search over the last year. I can’t remember how many times we’ve been told that a new algorithm, or new search engine, or new layout, or what have you was going to actually change the way people search…6 times? 😉 Bing has really done well for themselves, it’s enjoyable to use, has some cool features, their map system is unreal, and they’ve actually gained a little market share. Should be interesting.

PPC for Social Media is my “off the beaten path” session. Facebook is gaining users by the hour, and is certainly appearing as a new venue for PPC. As more companies learn the ways of Facebook, I’m sure users will be inundated with ads. Having 2 pricing models seems to be a good strategy too…for Facebook that is. Oh shoot, I suppose I’m obligated to say that I’m most interested in Reputation Management with Ian Lurie. 😉

3) You’re someone that’s been coming to our events for some time now…can you give your impressions as to the value you’ve received for being a frequent attendee?

I have! I know this probably sounds like the perfectly written plug too, but really…for the money, there is no better conference than SearchFest. Throw in the monthly events that SEMpdx puts on, and the organization is really one of the best in the business. Affordable learning. Can you get any better?

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