“Satan, your kingdom must come down
Satan, your kingdom must come down
I heard the voice of Jesus say
Satan, your kingdom must come down”
…Uncle Tupelo, Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

In search marketing circles, the term “Rockstar” is pretty controversial. It is used to show popularity in the community, but it also can be applied derogatively (to show the person has a huge ego or is a “legend in their own mind”).

However, when somebody like Joshua Patrice, aka Syzlak, is not only a search marketing ace but a guitarist / vocalist in the rock band Donerail, one can confortably use the term “rockstar” in its intended spirit.

From the Donerail Website:

When we started Donerail almost 5 years ago, it was really more about getting drunk and listening to Uncle Tupelo records than writing solid songs. Dan and I were stuck in Eugene working way too hard for much too little and looking desperately for something to make life worthwhile. Dan really didn’t know how to play the bass and I didn’t know how to write a song, so we tried our damnedest to learn “No Depression” while downing mason jars of Hammerhead Ale.

Any band influenced by Uncle Tupelo has to rock…and Donerail does just that with their new album “Destiny and Dishonor”. If you are into Roots Rock or Americana-flavored music with a contemporary feel, check this album out (streaming here)…it’s a real solid effort (and these guys do gigs in Portland and Seattle, so you should see them play live…and Josh might even comp your drinks).

And, while I’m on an artistic roll, congrats to my friend and search marketer Dustin Woodard on getting his on IMDB page. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing his film “Unseen Abilities”.

2 thoughts on “Syzlak: SEO Rockstar

  1. I attended the Party like a Search Engine Rockstar in 2007, and it rocked! Invaluable for the SEO knowledge I gained. Will there be another one this year? If so, I’m in! NO one does it like SEO Pubcon.

    — Sterling, Atlanta Rockstar

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