This is from “Mukesh” and was left via SalesForce Web-To-Lead:


I am SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basically means optimizing your website through on page and off page factors to get you high rankings and more traffic in the search engines. We can do directory, article submission and one way links. Links will actually help your site to rank high in the search engines. So what are you waiting for? For high Search engine rankings you can contact to us. We will promise, your work will be complete in best way (in good page Rank Directory). We will give you directory and article submission with snaps of filled form with in proper time period.

We can do 100 Directory submissions 8$.
We can do 100 Article submissions 10$.
We can do one way link building 2$ for per link.
We can do 25 social book marking 8$.
We are waiting your positive response.


If anyone is interested in this wonderful SEO opportunity, you can email Mukesh here.

8 thoughts on “Worst SEO Spam Solicitation Ever

  1. Sad thing is… that this actually works. If you and Patrick had received something from him, with different emails, it sounds like the guy is either sending a lot of emails out (and make money) or split testing his sales pitch.

  2. Oh wow. Mukesh actually is SEO! That is amazing. All this time, I thought SEO was a practice. Turns out it is an actual person. Looks like I better contact him ASAP…

  3. Cheap and SEO, they are entirely two different things which should be avoided. How they would find those directories which are still empty of others links? Just a wastage of money for me.

  4. I think it is not their fault but our very common perceptions. We always assume that these 5-6 tasks are efficient enough to be a SEO guru, for me, it is more than that. Anyways, I am wondering how much time such people are wasting for such promotions.

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