Rapidly-growing data-driven digital marketing agency located in Portland, Oregon specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Marketing, Content Creation and Distribution, and Social Media Marketing is looking for proven individual with industry experience and strong technical PPC skills to implement and manage online campaigns for world-renowned client roster.

Open, energetic career environment. Competitive salary and benefits.
If you have this:
• Advanced Paid Search Marketing skills
• Sophisticated Excel spreadsheet creation and management
• Experience implementing Google Analytics and conversion tracking
• Understanding advanced strategies (e.g., ad copy ROI, Land Page optimization)
• Excellent organizational and analytical skills
• Integrity, independence, and a desire to apply your skills
• Complete proficiency of Microsoft Office suite
• At least one (1) year of professional Internet marketing experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Technology (or equivalent)

With the ability to do this:
• Employ effective PPC strategies and best practices
• Perform campaign analysis/management functions
• Actively manage campaigns and site audits
• Organize and manage large volumes of data
• Proven ability to convey strategies and performance to clients
• Fulfill client requests and respond to inquiries
• Multi-task in cross-departmental roles
• Thrive in a dynamic, challenging Internet environment

Then please immediately send your resume to: careers@ethology.com.

We are an equal opportunity employer that empowers our team members to thrive in an exciting, creative work environment offering tremendous growth potential, autonomous decision making, and competitive benefits. Current benefits include a company health insurance plan, a discounted prescription drug plan, a company dental plan, paid vacations, and paid personal days.

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