For years I’ve been puzzled by the inconvenience of all the Google menus and login areas, because from one Google menu to another, they’ve been woefully inadequate and missing key items.

Even their “settings”, “more info”, and “account” sections from service to service are incomplete, like this dashboard, where you cant get to X and this supposed “products page” that’s missing Y and Z.

This was exactly what I wanted! Thank you for finally fixing this, Google!

Google menus - like we WISH they hadPersonalized Menus

After logging into Google this morning after a Windows update , I found that my Google navigation menus had changed and they seem to be exactly what I needed

4-1-2015 1-24-39 PMThese are the exact tools that I need to use every day! How cool is that?

The fact that they didn’t forget about the small  / local  My Business area either is awesome too.

You can get to exactly what you need!

If you log into your MyBusiness account and then go into any one of the multiple businesses you might manage, you’ll see that the menus give you what you want – immediate access to that businesses services.

What if you don’t see the change?

If you don’t see these menu items when you log in, then go to the Settings in the bottom left and customize what you need.

This is all about Google letting you personalize your menu experience, so you can pick what you want.

If your settings menu doesnt show the new options, then log into and out of Google. If that still doesn’t do it, then clear your cookies and empty your cache, or try a different browser.

If you STILL can’t see the options, them try a reboot, and if that doesn’t do it, then call your ISP and have them help you flush your DNS from a DOS prompt.

What if it still doesn’t work?

If you still can’t get it to show, then you might try waiting until the morning of April 2nd and see how it looks then. 😉

















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