Even though many experienced search marketers shun the use of tools, I guess I’m still a rookie because I really enjoy them. No matter how efficient I think I can be, there’s always a better way to do something when you introduce a certain level of automation.


Inside Google Webmaster tools there was apparently a recent addition back in February but I just noticed, and it’s really pretty slick.

I saw a new menu item called gadgets at the bottom left. It took a total of maybe 90 seconds to get my entire Google Webmaster tools account to be its own tab in my Igoogle page.


First I clicked on the menu item at the bottom left called Gadgets, and that quickly moved on to the next screen, where I was shown a choice of gadgets to add.

For the purposes of this demonstration I just selected all of them. As soon as I added to my homepage, I had a new tab and I can instantly change domains for any one in my account.

No more need to log in to Google Webmaster tools to see quick information.gwmt-gadget3.jpg

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