Blogosphere SearchFest 2010 Session

Link Building for the SEO PRofessional


John Andrews –
Adam Audette – AudetteMedia


Todd Mintz


Nick Herinckx of Anvil Media Inc, a Portland Oregon SEM agency

Session Details

General Link Building

  • The old saying, “build great content and links will come naturally” just isn’t true, there is so much great content on the web that nobody knows about.
  • In order to get inbound links, you have to not just build great content, but advertise and promote that content to the people that control the links. If you do just one or the other, you will be disappointed.
  • Social media is an excellent way to reach the people in your niche that control the links and is also a sufficient way to promote your great content.

Link Bait vs. Link Magnet

  • Link bait is something that’s created to simply attract links regardless of the niche or relevance to your site.
  • Link magnet is something that is on-topic to your site, and while it doesn’t attract as many links, it will attract the “right” links, or links from people in your niche.
  • You should seek to create link magnets for sustained long term results

Types of Content

  • In order for your content to be link worthy, it must be remarkable, not just great.
  • Remarkable content is something that isn’t just useful, but is both unique and fun/engaging to use. Infographics use to be remarkable, but now everyone is doing them. Seek to create something that stands out from the crowd.

Link Buying

  • If you want your site around and ranking for a long time to come, then don’t purchase links
  • If you just care about ranking as fast as you can and won’t be too upset if your site gets banned or slapped, then it’s okay to buy links, just don’t be upset or surprised when you get caught
  • The truth is, rules on link buying aren’t enforced equally. Big brand, well known sites can get away with a lot that a new site or small brand could never get away with simply because of their brand. This isn’t fair but is the way it is.
  • There is a lot of gray areas with link purchasing, such as sponsorships or banner ads, and there are no definitive answers as to what is considered acceptable link purchases. Best to play it safe.

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