Ada Pally, VP, Digital Media Services at Clearlink cites an opening cautionary note: PPC doesn’t work for every client. Some clients may actually meet goals doing social media marketing or organic efforts. If you’re going to succeed at PPC, you must get on top of your data, especially your conversions. If you’re over-reporting or under-reporting conversions, it’s time to back to school.

Pay attention to your queries

“Get as granular as you can with your keywords,” Morgan advises.” “Be thoughtful and strategic. Master your cloning skills – use identical sub-structures to help identify best performers. Maintain watchfulness with negative keywords.”

Key take-ways

  • Gather enough data to make good choices
  • Test automated bidding – common errors are oversaturation of specific keywords, to the detriment of other high value keywords
  • Analyze impression share and average position, then walk bids down over time
  • Partner networks often don’t perform well
  • A robust page testing plan for conversions is a must for improving conversions
  • Invest in decent video – it’s one of the most captivating and converting platforms available, and video costs are coming down

Michelle Morgan, Director of Client Services at Clix Marketing

Poor engagement is a bummer. Why not exclude your careers page, quick bouncers and people who opened but did not submit a form? Save your budget and your time by eliminating them from your ad targeting. Another good tip Morgan mentioned is excluding unwanted targets from LinkedIn advertising buys. Targeting mid-size and enterprise CEOs? Exclude “self employed” from your target list.

Audience Shaping
Retargeting is increasing, and opportunities to create a funnel for optimizing these efforts can be improved by creating 30, 60 and 90-day users. Tailor your ad groups separately with ad messaging, bids, placements, calls to action and everything else.

Layer your audience in order of importance and exclude down the hierarchy. Pick your key audiences and isolate them to avoid waste.

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