As an attendee of literally dozens of search conferences, I’ve often found that the best information isn’t always found in  presentations, but in the hallways, in the bars, and at the parties, where people tend to speak more freely.

When I was asked last summer to give the link building presentation at SearchFest this year, I was initially excited, and my plan was to share some really juicy stuff, and we were going to have an interactive session where people would actually leave with some links that day.

In the ensuing months though, after continually getting the cr*p kicked out of my own affiliate sites by the Penguin algorithm,  I’ve had to seriously reexamine my whole philosophy.

At the link building panel this year, there will be no presentations, and instead, we’ll have an honest discussion about what has become of link building in 2013 and where it’s going in the future.

The panelists for this session have done their share of ‘pushing the envelope” over the years, and in some cases they’ve pushed too hard too, and all have agreed to openly share their experiences and opinions.

Got Questions?

Have you got questions about certain tactics? Do you need sound and reliable advice? Are you baffled trying to figure out how to make things rank now that anchor text is a no-no?  If so, this interactive session is where you’ll get the answers you need.

The panelists:


Michael KingMichael King –
is a software and web developer turned SEO since 2006. He is currently the Director of Inbound Marketing at iAcquire. He’s also a international touring rapper.

Follow him on twitter @ipullrank or at his new blog – The Best Practice


Will ScottWill Scott –
is the founder and President of Search Influence. Will Scott has been helping small businesses get online since 1994 – that’s right, 1994 – before most people even knew there was an Internet. Since then, Will has been focused on making information more accessible online.


… and I’ll be asking the questions you submit, throwing in some of my own, calling on the audience, and  sticking my own two cents in as usual!

Scott Hendison –
is the CEO of Search Commander, Inc. and the founder of SEO Automatic, a set of white label internet marketing tools for WordPress.

As a founding board member of SEMpdx, Scott has been working in some aspects of the search industry since as early as 1999.


Put these three on the hot seat and submit your questions  now so they’ll be the first ones addressed before we go to the microphones.

(Yes, anonymous questions WILL be answered)

The form has been removed as of 7:30 am 2/22 – Show up to ask your questions!

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