Have you purchased your SearchFest 2016 ticket yet?

This past week’s rain, flooding, mud slides and subsequent traffic snarls made me realize I was lucky to often work from home, and that I keep a couple of food bars in the car if I ended up stuck out in the wild.

What does that have to do with SearchFest?

Well, SEMpdx board members, advisory board members and dozens of volunteers have been hard at work the last few weeks to make sure our 10th SearchFest is pretty special. Yep, from sponsorships to speakers to adorable cute puppies, these folks are hustling for you.


This week, we’re celebrating our first Presenting Sponsor for SearchFest with Yext. They join a great group of key sponsors that over the years have made SearchFest one of the best, and most affordable digital marketing conferences in the world (yeah, I said WORLD).

Other key partners in the past have included Moz, Add3, Ethology and Anvil. Already, Moz, WebFor, Constant Contact and The Oregonian have also joined Yext in sponsoring the big event on March 10 (more are in the pipeline, we’re just waiting for the ink to dry to announce them). And we have plenty of other opportunities for your sponsorship dollars if you are interested.

Did your eyes glaze over when I started talking about sponsors? I’m often the same way, but think about it this way, if we didn’t have these great partners you would be paying two or three times the ticket price to attend SearchFest. Also, this year we’re giving away for free the video bundle (most, if not all, sessions will be recorded) to everyone who registers. So, thank them for the help, show them a little love if you or your business can, and don’t get too annoyed with us when we mention them. They are pretty great!


Have you checked out the confirmed speakers for this year’s Searchfest? We have some of the brightest minds in marketing headed to Portland for SearchFest. This includes our two great keynote speakers Dr. Pete from Moz and Michael King from ipullrank. We also have Matt Siltala, Ada Pally, Purna Virji, and Marcus Tober to name a few others.

Oh Yeah, we also have the one and only…


Marty Weintraub! He’s a maniac, maniac on the floor. And he’s dancing like he’s never danced before.

Check out the rest of the great folks who have graciously agreed to speak at SearchFest. For those who haven’t yet purchased a ticket, give our speakers a TWEET OUT (is that a thing?), and they will give you a discount code for $75 off the ticket price.


We’re looking to make the 10th SearchFest pretty effin’ epic. If you have any suggestions on what would make for a great event, email me or tweet us at @sempdx. We’ll have bacon sponsors. We’ll have a kick-ass After Party. What else?

I almost forgot, we’re looking for that special company or individual that would like to sponsor our Puppy Love room. Have you seen the BuzzFeed video Drunk Girls Get Surprised With Puppies?


Well, we are looking to do something similar only without the drunk bit, without the viral video bit, and it would be open to all attendees.

Stressed about networking? Bummed that you will have to go back to work on Friday, March 11? Well, swing by the Puppy Love room and return to your special, special place where there is nothing but soft, cuddly, puppy love (insert any Barry White tune here. Or maybe Barry Manilow. We won’t judge).





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