Lauren Teague opened her high energy presentation joking that she must have snuck into the conference line up, because she wasn’t going to speak about SEO. Rather she would be delving into the untapped magic of AI to transform content creation strategies.

Lauren’s theme was making content marketing magic and she showed how she had asked AI to take her profile picture and make her into a content sorceress. A quick way someone could leverage the themes in their own brands.

Brand Pillars along with Brand Voice and Key Audience were the potion to take one good idea (or in her case one podcast) and create a tree of ever-expanding content ideas. Start with the pillar, define the audience, then add topics using AI. Each topic can then have several angles, and each of those angles can be delivered in different formats.

Be very specific in defining AI’s task, “you will help me generate x amount of content ideas…” and providing it all the necessary context.  It’s important to provide feedback during your conversations. Each AI conversation is independent, and it does not learn from the previous conversation, so you want to have less conversations with more prompts within the conversation.

To differentiate your content from everyone else using AI, be very specific in how you define audience, voice, and tone. Try asking AI to create content in the voice and tone of three very different well known celebrities for ideas in creating your own.

Lauren closed with the importance of teaching your teams to delegate routine tasks to AI. And how AI should not make team members nervous, but help them leverage their strengths and cover areas they might be weaker in.

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