Tim Mayer - SearchFest 2015 Keynote Speaker

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Over 17 Hours (1,000+ minutes) of Presentations and In Depth Q&A

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Presenters in the video bundle include keynote Tim Mayer, President of Heddle Marketing and eCommerce Quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Rand Fishkin & Rae Hoffman, Marty Weintraub & Will Scott, Joanna Lord & Mark Traphagen, Larry Kim, Marshall Simmons and Ian Lurie. Please visit the 2015 SearchFest Speakers page for a complete list of presenters.

Presentation topics include SEO, Marketing Dashboards, Mobile Strategy, Social Content & Branding, Big Data, Content, Social and Mobile Strategy, to name a few. Please visit the 2015 SearchFest Agenda for a complete list of topics.

Get SearchFest-Smart Year Round

Nine short years ago a rag-tag team dreamed up the idea for SearchFest. Their main goal was to bring the best of our industry together to impart their knowledge on us regular folk. They didn’t know that personal connections, elbow grease and a lot of beer would help grow SearchFest into what it is today — a top conference drawing speakers from 14 states and 4 countries, with an expanding audience base that includes attendees from such faraway places as Kangaroo Island in Southern Australia.

They also didn’t know that that the industry would greatly expand, making it necessary to create four concurrent tracks — Deep Dive, Future Web, SEO Fundamentals and Social & Paid — to incorporate every discipline found within the ever-widening scope that is digital marketing.

Even if you were able to attend SearchFest, how could you possibly take it all in? Our solution: the SearchFest 2015 Video Bundle. For the first time we hired professional videographers to capture all of the SearchFest moments you may have missed, weren’t able to get to or simply can’t remember!

This is great news for those who were either:

  1. Rand Fishkin, Rae Hoffman and Matthew Brown at SearchFest 2015Torn between seeing the Wizard of Moz (Rand Fishkin) present alongside SugarRae (Rae Hoffman) on Competitive Intel or Marshall Simmonds get into the nuts and bolts of Big Data and SEO.
  1. Wishing your entire team could benefit from the learning opportunities offered by these enthusiastic and entertaining SearchFest speakers.
  1. Unable to hop on a plane, bus or bike to get to this year’s SearchFest for any multitude of reasons.
  1. Marty Weintraub and Will Scott at SearchFest 2015Distracted by Marty Weintraub and Will Scott’s running tights and couldn’t jot down the wisdom infused throughout their social media presentation. Possibly you just need to revisit the workout moves that were featured to change up your routine.

The industry’s brightest minds are all yours for a relatively small investment, considering the value you’ll gain. You will be able to stream the videos to your various devices unlimited times. Each video will be packaged with the presenter’s slide deck (if available). Downloads of each session video are also available.


View SearchFest 2015 Videos Here.

Facebook and Google presentations will not be included. We will verify eligibility for your selected pricing level.

One thought on “SearchFest 2015 Video Bundle

  1. I’m so glad we were able to pull this together. I thought multiple times during the day that I would go back and look at the video for this or that and I wasn’t as worried about missing a session (because I was in a concurrent one) as I knew I’d be able to go watch the one I was missing.

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