Pay Per Click Summit is searching for the most effective Search Marketing strategy, tip or technique that increased your conversions!

We’re calling all internet marketers to submit your proven technique or strategy here on this contest form:

All you have to do is answer the following questions as noted on the form (at the above link).

What Increased Your Search Marketing ROI Last Year? What one thing could you point to and say “THAT made the difference!”

Please provide two paragraphs describing your most effective SEM tip, technique or strategy. Only one submission per person. PPC Summit will review all submissions and choose one overall winner on May 9. If your submission is chosen as the winner, you will win a FREE two-day conference pass to the PPC Summit of your choice (San Francisco May 19-20 or Los Angeles Sept. 25-26).

The PPC Summits are educational two-day Internet Marketing workshops which connect you with the world’s leading pay per click experts. You won’t want to miss the upcoming PPC Summit to learn from the Microsoft Keynote and other industry leaders during two full days of expert SEM and SEO lead generation and sales producing strategies. Stay tuned! The lucky winner will be announced and notified on May 9. The winner will also be recognized on all participating blog host sites.

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