A few weeks ago, I was connected to Anna Song, an investigative reporter and anchorperson at KATU. She was looking for an expert in the dark arts of online reputation management.

With a decade or more of related experience, I fit the bill and we scheduled a visit to Anvil Media, Inc. Anna and her cameraman spent an hour or two with the Anvil team, asking questions and getting a better idea of what goes into the online reputation management process.

They also interviewed one of our clients, FlightStats, who has utilized proactive online reputation management techniques to bolster its brand, rather than repair it after the fact. One of the SEMpdx board members informed me that my face appeared in a promotional segment for the feature, which is scheduled to appear 6 p.m. evening news broadcast on April 24th.

Should it actually air as planned, and not come out too unflattering, look for an update and link to the archived online reputation management segment. SEMpdx continues to put search on the map in Portland through it’s member marketing efforts…we’re just part of the machine.

2 thoughts on “Online Reputation Management Featured on KATU Evening News

  1. Congratulations on your presence in the media. I hope you told them the truth about Online Reputation Management and didn’t support the opinion of it being a “dark art”.

  2. If you are the right person for the job and are able to get the results – theni think we should not be entertaining ourselves with the question if it is a dark art – it may well be but if it brings happy clients why not leave it at that…

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