Twitter Revolution (Warren Whitlock)

3 stages of acceptance: Denial, Reluctant Acceptance, Meaningful Connections (If there is a meaningful conversation, comment about it).

Your customers are on Twitter.

Brian Carter: The Social Media Trifecta: Three-Pronged Strategy: Achieving Online Awesomnity.

Trifecta: Blog + Bookmarking + Twitter.

Optimization = Getting the results you want faster. Identify your goal, establish a measurement, where are you at, plan route to goal, let results guide progress.

Blog: Where you establish authority. Bookmark: Social Proof. Twitter: Attention.

Guillaume Bouchard (Social Media & SEO)

Main Principle: Capture Natural Link Growth. Realistic Rolse: Producing Link-Worthy Content, Taking Luck out of the Equation. Social Platforms: Digg, Stumbleupon.

Digg: Then and now: Way more votes required, less “illegitimate” content, hot in any upcoming but not on home page, recommendation engine.

Stumbleupon: Strategies: Sending a page to a friend forces a view. Should be tagged with popular categories. Reviews increase chances of views exploding.

Digg Strategies & Concerns: Content, Platform, Submitter, Category, (Vote) Solicitation

Content – Strategies: Approval = Perception of quality and enjoyment / Time Taken To Enjoy.

Give quality / Save time to the Digg audience.

SEO Concerns: Keyword use (Blog titles for backlink with great anchor text, Page titles can have more keywords). Interlinking (Wait until after the push to interlink strategically, post regularly to dilute). 301 redirection (resist the temptation, let the content be).

Platform: Trust. Only 6-8 text articles with juicy text from non-trusted domains are likely to hit the front page of per day. This means you either need to work for trusted domains or we should all coordinate ourselves to share a piece of the pie.

Submitter: Domains are trusted, so are people…less likely to be buried, immediate friend votes, strong accounts natural to combine with “shout”. Some top submitters will eventually find out you work for a client and they can bypass your company and contact the sites directly.

Solicitation: Exchanges, IM, In-Site Communication Services, Vote On Lots of Stories. Average time to hit: 12-15 hours. Less votes on weekend but less help around.

Kent Schoen: Social Media & Measurement (Facebook). Basic overview information…no important takeaways.

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