Rand Fishkin: Social Site Verticals Walkthrough

Democratized Social News Sites (e.g. Digg, Reddit). What to do: Create Profiles, Connect with other users, Vote on content, comment, submit own content. High quality traffic from a linkability perspective.

Editor Power Social News Sites (e.g. Yahoo Buzz, Techmeme). Learn what editors like / use, submit relevant content, connect with other users, vote on content, comment.

Social Networking Site s (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook). Create profiles, connect with other users, share links, news, photos & info.

Micro-blogging sites (e.g. Twitter). Create profiles, connect with other users, publish stuff (in less than 140 characters, build an instant megaphone).

Social bookmarking sites (e.g. StumbleUpon, Delicious). Create profiles, tag content / URL’s, find what others are tagging, encourage users to tag & drive traffic.

Social Content Sharing (e.g. YouTube, Flickr). Create profiles, create / upload content, build your brand’s messaging, reach new and relevant audiences.

Wikis (e.g. Wikipedia, Knol). Anyone can create & edit content. Create profiles, create & edit content, reach wiki audiences, manipulate search results.

Social Q & A. Create profiles, ask & answer questions, gain reputation & authority, grow your brand megaphone.

Niche sites. Lower but more relevant audience. Easier to have an impact with less effort. Less wariness for marketers / SEO’s. Many have live links. Great for data mining & market intelligence.

Cameron Olthius: 10 Steps for Social Media Success

1)Use and understand social medial. Which tools? All of them
2)Network and be social. It’s social for a reason.
3)Be genuine, authentic, on target.
4)Turn down marketing message. Communicate both ways & let people participate.
5)Provide Value.
6)Remarkable content.
7)Let people do what they want.
9)Be flexible & experimental
10) Listen & Respond (e.g. Comcast Cares)

Michael Gray: Planning A Social Media Campaign
Where is your audience? What sites do they read and submit? What types of stories work & what doesn’t? Identify key players (Background).

Community Engagement: Start Building Relationships in community; start building a trusted profiles or power account; cultivate a reputation of trust, quality & authority.

Brainstorming: Use research of what works & what doesn’t as a starting point. Get creative people to come up with lots of ideas. Filter for quality & ability. Don’t be a copycat.

Always continue to build your profile.

Idea Research. Sometimes good ideas don’t work. Look for ways to adapt or modify your idea. Don’t force a bad idea.

Story Production & formatting. A viral writing style is different than regular copy, especially sales copy. Use pictures & video when appropriate. Use a less sales oriented template on your website.

Schedule and Launch. Know what are the key times for your audience. Use the calendar holidays and current events to your advantage. Be aware of news, it can effect you.

Outreach and management. Reach out to your friends for help. Reach out to bloggers or influencer who know you. Don’t stick out with unusual voting patterns. Monitor comments.

Analysis: Did your story work out better or worse than expected…why? Use page tracking overlays. Be aware social media traffic effects overall site statistics.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Don’t approach social media like a one shot deal. Small to moderate success can add up over time. Target different sites each time. Find a promotion frequency that works for you.

Neil Patel: Dark Side of Social Media

1)Screwing People. Submit a useless story from their site to social site, use adult words with the submission text, repeat 4 or 5 times.
2)Social Media Rings. Bigger the ring, the better. Join multiple rings. Don’t vote right away. Don’t vote on everything. Don’t abuse the ring. Use hxxp instead of https.
3)Social Media Application: Tube Increaser, Twitter Friend Adder, Add My Buddies (MySpace), Plaxo (Email scrappers).
4)Forced Actions (iframe votes)
5)Blog Links (Hack the blog)
6)The Dark Side

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