A whole bunch of years ago, there was a Domain Conference in Seattle called “Domain Roundtable” which I had the privilege of attending. One of their promotional efforts that stuck with me as being particularly savvy is they offered somebody a free conference pass plus travel and hotel if they got a tattoo of the corporate sponsor DomainTools. While the blog post announcing this offer seems to have fell off the live Internet, a video of the tattoo application itself still remains:

Influenced by this “genius” level marketing, SEMpdx will make the following offer to one lucky person:

Get either the SearchFest or SEMpdx logo tattooed on a “family-safe” part of your body and you’ll be able to attend SearchFest for free for as long as you keep the tattoo.

The tattoo will be free. The winner must allow us to video the tattoo process and must agree to be used as part of our conference marketing. The tattoo will be approximately the size of a business card.

Showing the tattoo at SearchFest is your admission ticket…so, butt (or similar) tattoos will not be considered out of the courtesy to your fellow attendees.

If you are interested in taking part in this offer or have any questions, please tweet either me or SEMpdx. If you’ve already purchased a ticket for SearchFest, we will refund it for you.

We look forward to see you (and your ink) at SearchFest 2015.


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