…or whatever the distance is between your eyes and your computer monitor.

Let me tell you about a name I bought this week…

We all know about the subprime mortgage market meltdown and the collateral damage in the real estate market. One major consequence that I’ve seen is that many condo developments / condo conversions are collapsing with only a fraction of the units sold and the rest either vacant or occupied by renters. The new “coined” term that I just heard for the first time is “fractured condominiums” and I immediately registered fracturedcondominiums.com. The better name fracturedcondos.com had already been grabbed by a real estate firm. A good $9 purchase.

I’m not sure this name will get immediate parking revenue…however, its long term potential to sell to a relevant business for profit looks good.

I’ve always found that I can’t just decide out of the blue to “look” for good names…invariably I either find nothing or make mistakes. I just perform the same activities that I had BD (before domaining) and the little domaining birdie in my head chirps away when I see a good opportunity.

Train the little “domaining birdie” in your head and reap the rewards.

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