When SEMpdx started, there was no such thing as a “member directory” for WordPress. In fact, at that time you had to hack away at WordPress just use static pages for anything but a blog, and we’ve come a long way.

Over the years, we’ve gone through quite an evolution here, and we’ve just launched a new incarnation of a member directory.  Our previous directory did not allow members to edit their own profiles, and as a result, the changes were not getting done and the end result wan’t all that pretty.

After trying Buddypress, Wishlist and others, we settled on an add-on directory product for our current membership platform called Amember.

With our new Amember directory, our users can add their company names, phone numbers, logos, and social links, and the description area will even accept .html.

That means you can drop all the links you want, either nofollowed or otherwise,  and you can even embed a video… SEMpdx members have 100% control of what their listing looks like!

So Whats the Bad News?

We need your help!  Your listing looks terrible! 

There was an internal debate among board members about how much data should be made public, and we decided to respect members privacy 100%.

Combine that with the fact that we had a lot of distorted company logos, and the fact that we had not collected much information at member signup before, and we simply didn’t have much to work with.

We tried, but could not associate the old member profiles with the new listings, so as a result, your member profile is empty.

Except for the name of the actual person who’s a member, we pretty much have nothing else. No company name, address, logos, or any other information at all.

For those of you that filled out a profile once, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but you’ll need to do it again.

Please log in and update your new member profile for what we’re certain will be the last time, and please post a link to your directory listing here once you pimp it out.

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