Yesterday, Google announced a new option for supporting sitemaps for video, and maps can be submitted right alongside your other sitemap from inside Webmaster Tools.

In my opinion, early adopters of the video sitemaps will gain a huge advantage over the competition, and Google will be placing extra effort into indexing and displaying those results.

Others are just beginning to talk about it, with lots of comments and opinions today already, so you read up on exactly how to do it f you’re marketing with videos.

I also suspect that now, our annual event Searchfest had better be incorporating even more video information into it’s agenda. Are there any local businesses reading this that are using the new sitemap already?

I’m going to get one made today for a small site…

2 thoughts on “New Google Sitemap for Video

  1. I have clients that do their own researches and requested us to submit their video sitemap as early as 20th Dec. Have not managed to see much results but i do agree that Google will take good effort for early birds

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