Todd Mintz posted a YouTube video a couple of days ago and complained of “embedding issues” so I thought I’d do the same, testing for myself. Todd’s right… Although it showed in Firefox, it wouldn’t work in IE… What a a pain…

Sorry Todd, but here’s the fix – Before embedding the Youtube code in a WordPress post, go to Users – your profile – and UNcheck the box for “use the visual editor when writing”. It’s stupid, but that all it takes to fix the issue. Sorry – blame Microsoft I guess…

Anyway, I thought this was a great video, very entertaining, and I first ran across it a couple of days ago on Jack Humphrey’s blog

2 thoughts on “Embedding Youtube Video in WordPress

  1. I like those words “blogging in the womb” and on and on and on and on. I think there is nothing to do with publishing a youtube video in wordpress now because we have press it button. I like the video and the song.

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