One of our favorite speakers is coming down from Seattle for the evening, and he’s going to be speaking about social media in a presentation he calls:

A Dungeons & Dragons player’s guide to Social Media.

Ian Lurie CartoonIan Lurie ( @portentint ) is the president of Portent Interactive, a Seattle internet marketing company, and he’s the author of Conversation Marketing, the blog.

This social media session isn’t just for beginners, though, and will dive quickly into details. The overall focus, according to Ian, will be covering “strategy” more than specific outlets, and will cover topics like content curation, as well as a few “not-to-dos”.

We’re excited to have Ian coming back, because he’s spoken several times at our SEMpdx events over the years. He’s been a supporter since the beginning, and his presentations have always been very well received by our members.

Just before last year’s SearchFest, he answered some detailed questions from our own Todd Mintz ( @toddmintz )and here’s a link to the interview w/ Ian.

We hope you’ll come to the October event to find out more…


Tuesday, October 11, 2011 – 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM


Hotel deLuxe – 729 SW 15th Ave – Portland, OR 97205

How Much?

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