As always, we are having our meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, with networking from 4:30 to 5, then we’ll have an hour long presentation / Q&A session, followed by another half hour of hang around time.

Michael & Ben vs. Penguin & PandaWhen:
Tuesday October 9th, 2012
4:30pm – 6:30 pm

Hotel deLuxe
729 Southwest 15th Ave
Portland, OR 9720

The Topics:

Penguin and Panda: the two most important changes in the Google search algorithm in the past 2 years. Has your site been slain by Penguin?

Has Panda relegated you to page 30 for terms where you used to be on page 1? Maybe your site seems ok today, but really you’re one bad link or one speck of content away from suffering the wrath of Google’s baddest black-and-white beasts. Come learn how to avoid or recover from a Penguin penalty, and how to tune your website to make Panda happy and favor you in the search results.

Thanks to Costume Kingdom for providing the panda and penguin costumes for our video.

The Speakers

imageMichael Cottam is an independent SEO consultant based in Portland, and a board member of SEMpdx.  Michael focuses on organic SEO, with many clients in the travel industry and the collector car industry.

He serves as an Associate at SEOmoz, answering PRO subscribers’ private Q&A questions on  Several of his clients are currently engaged in battles with Penguin and Panda.


imageBenjamin Lloyd is one of the founding board members of SEMpdx, and the President of Amplify Interactive, a boutique search engine marketing agency based in Portland, Ore. that boasts more than twenty years of combined experience.

Ben holds a pilot’s license, owns a Spiderman pinball machine, and his dog Hank is famous — with regular columns in The Hollywood Star News educating readers on caring for their pets.

6 thoughts on “October 2012 – Penguins & Pandas

  1. Is there any way to watch a video or anything in regards to today’s panda discussion?

    I am very interested in the study, findings and any type of solutions that were put in place.

  2. 5-6 day before it was socking to see and too sad, when I saw my site was thrown to 51 page from 1 page in Google search results, I realized that I really need some improvements 🙁 by the way funny video.

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