Crush the Competition by Watching the SERPs

Crush the Competition with SERP AnalyticsSome marketers can get great results by going with their gut. However, as search marketers, we’re pretty data driven. We don’t just take shots in the dark and hope for the best. We research and strategize and execute and then quantify our results. That’s why SEMpdx is extremely excited to bring you a speaker who will lay out a whole new way to use research and data to help us do what we do better.

For our November event, Rob Bucci from STAT Search Analytics will show us what we can learn about our competition and our own performance by taking a ‘big-data’ approach to SERP analysis. In “SERP Analytics: How to Crush the Competition by Watching the SERPs“, Rob will talk about segmenting search queries into granular sets, deriving useful signals from analyzing the SERPs for our keywords, and then leveraging that information to dominate our competition.


Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


5:00pm to 7:00pm


, Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center
721 NW 9th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Directions and Parking Information

About the Speaker

Rob Bucci at SEMpdx

, Founder at

Rob is the founder and CEO of STAT Search Analytics (, based in his home town of Vancouver, Canada. Since 2008, STAT has equipped SEO experts with massive-scale, real-time search data in markets and locations across the globe—all backed up by one-on-one, expert-level service. That’s how they’ve become the data partner of choice for some of the world’s largest online brands and SEO agencies.

Rob has been a developer and entrepreneur in the SEO space since 2005. He especially loves tackling big-data challenges in data mining and analytics. When he isn’t doing that, you can usually find him falling down a ski hill, splashing in the ocean, or taking cookies out of the oven.

Follow Rob on Twitter: @STATrob

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