John is currently the President of Feedia. Feedia is a Social Media consulting firm helping companies develop strategies in new media, leveraging podcasts, blogging, video and animation to create media in the web 2.0 landscape. Feedia helps its clients create compelling shows, buzz and business development opportunities. Distribution and consumption are key factor in this strategy and Feedia feels that RSS can extend the scope of your media as well as create audience growth.

Feedia: Social Media Consulting, implementing social networks. Web 2.007. People aggregator – standards based social networking through interplay. GIS-based mobile – radically shifting – direct marketing to people based upon location. Convergence of video & audio on phones. IPTV – Apple TV on track for 1 million orders in 2007. Microsoft – leveraging Xbox for TV. Everything converging into a set-top box. We are the media – people are creating many interesting things. Google, Tivo – also looking at set-top boxes. Marketing for set-top boxes can be very direct & precise. 3 screen strategy – need to disseminate on multiple platforms (IPOD / Computer / HDTV). Annotating the planet. Web 3.0 – semantic web, web as database. Metaverse – 3D equivalent of social network.

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