Portland Code Camp and SQLSaturday Portland (https://portlandcodecamp.org/) are pleased to announce that these events will join together on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at the University of Portland. These free, community-driven mini-conferences emphasize learning through sharing among the local development community, and have become quite popular in the Portland area. Having the events at the same venue at the same time will allow participants to explore a greater variety of topics.

Portland CodeCamp has traditionally been an event where software developers working with the Microsoft stack of development tools could attend sessions and network amongst their peers. SQLSaturday started as an event where SQL Server DBAs could attend sessions, network, and expand their knowledge of the SQL Server environment. The realities of the larger development community are that no single product, vendor, technology, architecture, or approach has a lock on ‘the solution’ to ever increasing complex business requirements. As a result, Portland CodeCamp and SQLSaturday Portland have combined and expanded their scope in order to better serve the larger development community.

Portland CodeCamp is reaching out for significant interaction and inclusion with developers that work in the Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Gaming arenas –as well as the more traditional business problem solutions. SQLSaturday has expanded to include not only T-SQL, but PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and any SQL platform –with a special interest on interoperability between platforms and developer tools.

Speaking Opportunity

Expected attendance at Portland Code Camp 2010 is over 500 software technical people from our region. These range from seasoned professionals from major technical corporations, to students and programming newbies. Some of these have an interest in learning how to develop search engine friendly Websites. You have the opportunity to help them learn.

Designing for Search Engines 101 is in demand. As an SEO or SEM you have probably been limited by the capabilities of the Website, calculating shopping cart ROI for example. This your opportunity to speak to any SEM/technical issue you feel may benefit this community.

If you want to speak, you go to their website sign up as a speaker, add your profile, then submit your session idea. If you are not sure what people will like, I recommend offering several ideas. They will select the one(s) that they want and get back to you. Deadline to submit is May 3rd.

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