Matt Siltala - SearchFest 2015 SpeakerMat Siltala will be speaking on “Social Non-Paid” at SearchFest 2015 which will take place Friday, February 27, 2015 in Portland Oregon. For more information or to purchase tickets, please click here.

1) Please give us your background and tell us what you do for a living.

Just trying to figure out how far back of a background are you looking for here? Maybe the fact that I use to co-host a morning country show for several years. Yes I was a country DJ and I can’t even stand country music! I also have a background in Networking, (from the days of Novell, Groupwise and Nimda) now that is taking you back. Right now I am President of Avalaunch Media, a specialized digital marketing agency that has 3 core competencies; 1. Visual Content Marketing 2. PPC 3. Search Engine Optimization

2) It’s pretty well known that Facebook’s organic view rate has plummeted. How can a brand still get Facebook views without buying promoted posts?

Cross promote and make sure you mention your page everywhere you can. In fact, just today I was at a gun range (after all I am in Arizona) and I saw right on the door easy to read the business directing people to their Facebook page (and they gave a reason as to why I would want to … and I did). As far as the cross promotions goes, if you have a decent Twitter following (for example), you can lead people to bigger discussions that may be doing on at Facebook by a simple tweet.

3) Can Instagram or Pinterest work for businesses that sell products or services that don’t have a viewable aesthetic? If yes, how?

Absolutely – one way would be by showing a lifestyle, for example I have a friend that does business coaching and there isn’t much “visible” in regards to that business, but it makes a great platform for sharing a vision of the life that one could have with a successful business. Share inspirational thoughts that make you ponder and destinations that make you want to travel and be that person!

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