This September’s SEMpdx event is special for a lot of reasons, Rand Fishkin is presenting on the Future of Search and several Search Marketing organizations are banding together to support the #cottamlibraryfund.

A member of our SEMpdx board, Michael Cottam, tragically lost his parents earlier this summer.  Michael and his sister Elizabeth have created a memoriam in honor of their parents Lola and Renae Cottam to rebuild the Myrtle Point Library.

Lola and Renae always said that if they won the lottery, they’d make sure the Myrtle Point Library got a much-needed rebuilding and expansion. They often took Michael’s son Benjamin, their only grandchild, to the library when he was visiting them.

Lola and Renae Cottam

MIchael wants his son Ben (whose first word was “book”) to see this library project as an example of how we can turn the bad and evil in this world upside down and create something amazing and permanent that helps their community.

When Michael joined SEMpdx 4 years ago he came to the Board with a passion to educate and give back to the community as a search marketer.

Michael has modeled selflessness and full immersion into giving back to his community. As a long-time Rotary Member he contributes to Rotary community projects. When he lost his wife to cancer he continued her work with the Children’s Cancer Association and brought that cause to our attention which we supported through our Charity of Choice program. In a continued show of dedication to community he is focusing his philanthropic effort towards a project to honor his parents in rebuilding the Myrtle Point Library.

Please join us in supporting Michael’s efforts in one or more of these ways:

1.     Donate to the #cottamlibraryfund (Go to and choose the Renae and Lola Cottam Memorial Fund (under the “Program” section)
2.    Attend a Search Marketing event at one of these organizations in the month of September, proceeds for these events will be donated to the fund
a.    SEMpdx – The Future of Digital Search with Rand Fishkin
b.    SEMCLE+ – Local Search with David Mihm
c.    SLCSEM – Get your Geek on with Mel Carson (past event)
d.    SEMNE – Top 25 A/B Tests with Anne Holland
e.    DFWSEM – Search Marketing Vision with Brett Tabke and Joe Laratro
3.    Encourage your local Search Marketing Organization to participate in the #cottamlibraryfund in the month of September
4.   Promote events and the cause with #cottamlibraryfund

For more details or to include your organization in our effort to support the #cottamlibraryfund contact Lisa Williams at or go to
for more details about the fund.

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