SEMpdx and FashioNXT
For our October event, we’re excited to be partnering with FashioNXT to bring our members an exciting panel discussion on the future of fashion eCommerce.

In integrating with Portland’s leading fashion show, we’ll be brining in panelists from both sides of the table, inbound marketing and fashion eCommerce technology, to answer the important question of ““.

Attendees can expect an engaging dialogue about what new trends in fashion retail technology mean for search marketers and also what trends in inbound marketing mean for retailers and designers.

Our great lineup of panelists includes people from backgrounds ranging from inbound marketing and e-commerce SEO to 3D modeling technology, push notification marketing, and Tumblr e-commerce.

Following the exciting panel discussion, attendees can join FashioNxt for the night’s runway show. Tickets for the runway show are sold separately and can be purchased at FashioNxt’s website. Use the promo code Fnt15210 to get at 10% discount.

FashioNXT Event Sponsor


MergerTech’s mission is to enable small to medium-sized technology companies to realize the value of their business. As the only investment banking firm exclusively focused on this space, we apply our deep domain expertise and global knowledge of buyers to deliver three key values: fast introduction to buyers, best terms and value, and greatest certainty of deal closure.


Vigor Industrial Shipyard, Swan Island

5555 N. Channel Ave. Bldg 10
Portland, OR 97217


Thursday, October 10th, 2013


5:00pm to 6:30pm. Panel discussion begins at 5:30 and ends at 6:15.

Meet the Panelists

The panelists for “What’s Next in Fashion eCommerce” were selected for their variety of perspective and experiences. It’s safe to say we’ll be treated to a lively and thought-provoking discussion!

Justin Schoen from REI

Natural Search Program Manager at REI

Justin Schoen is the head of Natural Search at REI and his experience includes nearly 14 years of hardcore search engine optimization. Justin will be coming down from REI HQ in Seattle to join us for the night. For all of the search-focused SEMpdx members, Justin  will be sitting on this integrated panel as the “SEO’s SEO”.


Ramamurthy Sivakumar, Managing Director at Intel Capital

R Sivakumar is Managing Director at Intel Capital, responsible for managing the Ultrabook and Perceptual Computing (UPC) Sector and running the Intel Capital Ultrabook Fund and the Intel Capital Experiences and Perceptual Computing Fund. The UPC sector is chartered with investing in innovative new technologies and capabilities to shape the future of computing experiences for Ultrabooks as well as Intel-based systems across the spectrum of devices.

Dan Coe at SEMpdx

, Founder & CEO of BlkDot

Dan Coe is the founder and CEO of the BlkDot, a startup here in town taking on the challenge of helping brands monetize Tumbr. BlkDot’s unique e-commerce system allows brands to create “shoppable” Tumbr posts to get their products seen (and consumed) by Tumblr’s unique audience.

george borshukov at sempdx

, CTO at Embodee

George Borshukov is the CTO at Embodee, platform for 3D apparel customization and try-on based in Portland. George’s background in computer graphics and visual effects includes directing Creative R&D at EA and developing the groundbreaking photorealistic computer generated shots for The Matrix series.


AJ Ramadan, Co-Owner at Gravitational Creations

AJ Ramadan is the Co-owner Gravitational Creations. Gravitational Creations is responsible for enabling lot of Layar augmented reality technology in Portland, including for the Oregonian, FashioNXT, and many other companies.


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