November 11, 2014 – The focus of this month’s SEMpdx event was conversion rate optimization (CRO).  Josh Patrice, Portent’s Director of SEO, joined us from Seattle to share his vast knowledge and expertise, leaving us with clear tools we can use to build a solid action plan.

One of the things Josh emphasized is that you need to consider the psychology of the user.  While users typically default to fear, more often conversions come from trust.  (After all, users are risking their privacy against the value of your offer.)  Walk through the tried and true AIDA acronym – awareness, interest, desire, action – to help you make UX decisions.

Other tips Tuesday night included effective A/B testing and benchmark data.  Test everything, but only one at a time.  Use your analytics platform to gather benchmarks such as site conversion rate, funnel data and time on site.  Your test results will help you determine where to start in your CRO.

Josh closed by sharing a number of best practices as you test your page design.  For example, the layout should reflect the ABCD grid and button messages should be personalized.  Remove distractions for easy navigation and make sure the price is displayed clearly.

In the end, remember: Regardless of your test results, you’ve gained something.  Either your test worked and conversions increased, or you’ve learned what doesn’t work and can move on to the next test.  Either way, you’ve won.

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