October 17, 2017 – SEMpdx welcomed Casey Markee, Founder of Media Wyse, to speak at this month’s event.  Casey shared his expertise in creating and promoting exceptional brand stories.  Below are a few key takeaways from the presentation:

  1. Use the 5-step brand story approach: Who is the story for?  Why are we telling this story?  What is the story message?  How should we tell the story?  Where shall we share it?
  2. In order to find your story, it’s important to understand your brand story archetype. Take the free quiz available from KayePutnam.com to identify which of the 12 archetypes your brand falls under.  Also, invest in persona marketing.  You can use tools for assistance, such as makemypersona.com, but keep in mind that interviews are often the best way to refine your personas.
  3. There are several ways to artificially jumpstart your story. You can give it a PR push (i.e. PodcastGuests.com), connect with influencers to help push your content out (i.e. BuzzSumo.com, Pulse on LinkedIn) and utilize email to reach influencers (i.e. Hunter).  You can also take advantage of guest blogging and encourage customer storytelling (i.e. social media posts).

Before closing, Casey emphasized the importance of infusing your brand story with your own personality.  It will certainly help in bringing success.


Here are Casey’s Slides from the presentation:

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