Marshall Simmonds, Define Media Group

Rhea Drysdale, Outspoken Media



Marshall and Rhea provided cutting-edge strategies and tactics to maximize your exposure in non-traditional results like News, Images, Videos, Blogs, and Maps in this presentation at Search Fest 2012.


Marshall Simmonds

Nov. 2011 – Google releases freshness update which includes trusted resources almost immediately.

25% of queries were fresh results

Fast-forward to Feb. 2012 and 45% of queries included ‘fresh’ results

What to do about freshness?

  •  Blog about a topic. Blog often (editorial calendar)
  •  Include Time stamp
  •  +1 probably a strong signal
  •  Watch Timely queries – thinks people ARE searching for (queries, what’s hot, real time, trending) not necessarily historical data
  •  Pay attention to the <lastmod> in your SML sitemap
  •  RSS Feed – feedburner.com for you blog

What about video?

YouTube, YouTube, YouTube. You HAVE to be on YouTube to get into universal results

  • Google looks at YouTube likes, shares, favorites, comments, embeds, title to decide relevancy
  • Include the word “video” in your title
  • Include transactional kw’s for eComerce
  • KW rich description, can include transcription in description using transcriptionservice.com
  • Use annotation and caption feature to add links (interlink if you have multiple videos)
  • Pick the right category
  • Tags- DON”T waste too much time but add some
  • Open comments – but buyer beware (negative comments are okay too many positive comments look fishy).
  • Distribute!  Tell everyone about your video – social, video sitemap, RSS


  • 20% of all searches on google are image-related searches, not optimizing images is a missed opportunity (alt text, caption, image name)
  • Create separate SML sitemap for images (SEO friendly images – WordPress Plugin)


  • The big dogs (espn, npr) are paying attention, you should too, it’s early, build your circles, post relevant content (not necessarily yours)

Rel=author tag

  • Users react to search results differently when they see an image (30%-400% increases in CTR have been seen)

Sitemaps (do them)

  • XML, HTML, Image, Video, News, Blogs, Product
  • Sitemaps increases indexed pages

Takeaway – pay attention to all digital assets and how you can leverage them.


Rhea Drysdale

News and Blogs

Where to start?


Get mentioned in a News Source

  • Be visible to reporters (know people who know people) if you don’t, use HARO, MuckRack, JournalistsTweets.com, Google Alerts
  • Be a resource – be visible during their research (aka Content Marketing)
  • Be active in your industry
  • Be crazy good at something
  • News doesn’t have to be mainstream

Get Syndicated

  • Make sure you’re getting syndicated the “right” way
  • Press releases
  • Be a news source
  • First make sure your aren’t one already
  • Become a google news publisher

Submit and manage your XML news sitemap

Takeaway – Don’t just cover the news, break it!

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