fredrick vallaeysSpeaker: Frederick Vallaeys, CEO & C0-Founder, Optymyzr

Title: How to use GPT to do PPC better and faster


Writing compelling, must-click ads was until recently one of the last things in PPC that couldn’t be automated. But with the introduction of chatGPT and the rise of other LLMs, automation in PPC has been taken to a whole new level.

Join this session and learn several prompts you can use with GPT to streamline PPC management and optimization, from managing search terms and keywords, to writing better RSAs to developing new audiences to use with Performance Max. We’ll even look at how to use GPT to write Google Ads scripts.

After attending this session you will know how to:
– use GPT in a scalable way on your ad campaigns
– how to engineer prompts for cost-effective results
– how to use GPT to speed up keyword and audience development


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