Ruth Burr ReedySpeaker: Ruth Burr Reedy, Vice President of Strategy, UpBuild

Title: How to Stop Worrying and Love GA4


Google Analytics 4 is here, and if you’re like most marketers, you’re not thrilled by the switch. The most successful GA4 implementations will be the ones that meet GA4 on its own terms — that means resisting the urge to make your GA4 setup as much like Universal Analytics as possible. This session will help you tap into GA4’s potential with cool reports, interesting integrations, and setup tips to implement today for long-term analytics success for years to come (and yes, ways to find or recreate your favorite reports from UA). Understanding the data collection and reporting philosophy and methodology behind GA4 is the fastest way to get your bearings and start using GA4 with confidence and (maybe even) enthusiasm!

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