Marty WeintraubSpeaker: Marty Weintraub, Founder & Business Author – AimClear

Title: GPT-Amped B2B & B2B2C Dossier Marketing: Automated LinkedIn/Sales Navigator Hacks to Build Brands & Crush Conversion


Build & run an SEO training program at your organization (or for your clients). Here’s the twist: Your audience will acLinkedin’s SalesNavigator is arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools on earth for converting both business and personal-use targets. Combined with GPT4, rad tools including PhantomBuster, Dux-Soup, and others, highly tuned target audiences, will self-discover your soft, NON-spammy, highly automated networking engagement tactics, request connection…and become yours for the taking. Conversions inevitably follow.

Attendees will learn how to

-Research integrated paid & organic (mind-melting) psychographic targeting to form lists of known individuals and companies (dossiers)

-Use GPT4 to quickly focus and expand audience research by methods previously not feasible -Insane automation techniques respectfully wielded, so powerful they’re dangerous in the hands of unscrupulous marketers

-Create a steady, predictable flow of new, focused inbound connection requests from audience members

-Shepard individual audience members towards both B2B and B2C conversions, from long cycle lead gen to non-business consumer conversions

-Build indelible brand identity to enhance conversions

-Integrate marketing tactics, organic, paid, and intra-channel

-Remain compliant to CCPA, GDPR, & emergent privacy concerns

-Vertical PR applications, which have resulted in many a link built, article placed, news sourcing, interviews accomplished, earned media, podcast appearances, and more.

Why mess around with the same old moderately effective techniques? Instead, gain market-busting results targeting lists of known humans. We have tons of data to document selling many millions, HR recruitment, media placement, and other uses. I’ll show everything and attendees will leave with powerful new weapons to crush B2B, B2C, & B2B2C marketing.

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