Speaker: Lauren Teague, Digital Strategist

Title: Amplify and Atomize: Use AI to Turn a Single Idea into a Month’s Worth of Content


Join content strategist and podcast host Lauren Teague for a dive into harnessing the power of AI to amplify your content framework. Learn from Lauren’s extensive experience transforming brands into fan favorites as she shares invaluable insights on efficiently scaling content production through automation

In this session, you’ll discover how to accelerate content creation while prioritizing audience needs. Shift your approach from output-focused to idea-driven content strategies, putting your audience at the forefront. Explore Lauren’s favorite creative tools that leverage AI, enabling faster and more impactful content creation.

Additionally, you’ll learn about a proven process for extracting a month’s worth of engaging content from a single “big” initiative, such as an eBook, podcast episode, or event. Revolutionize your content creation process by automating atomization. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your content strategy and transform how you connect with your audiences online.

Audience Takeaways:
1. Maximize your content strategy by starting from an idea for your audience rather than starting with the output for the channel.
2. Explore top creative tools and platforms that leverage automation and AI to create good content faster.
3. Learn how to get a month’s worth of content from a single “big” initiative like an ebook, podcast episode or event by implementing a proven process used on the Brand to Fan Show.


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