Marty WeintraubSpeaker: Marty Weintraub, Founder & Business Author Aimclear® Marketing Agency

Title: AI-enhanced B2B & B2B2C Dossier Marketing: Using Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, & Badass Automation to Crush Sales & Community- On a Shoestring with Little Time Investment

For businesses and many consumer brands, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator data represents arguably the most powerful prospecting, social networking, and integrated advertising tool on earth. Detonated by AI & rad third-party tools, highly tuned target audiences will self-discover YOUR soft, NON-spammy, (yet automated) networking engagement tactics, discover your hot brand and ripen for taking & selling. Combine steady, predictable acquisition of new, focused inbound relationships with AI-advised psychographic ads (sporting insane one-to-one paid and organic targeting variables) to gain market-busting brand familiarity and sell to lists of actual, known humans.

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