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You’re a social marketing genius. Your Twitter Followers are up 900%. Your Facebook Fans are pushing 40,000. You have thousands of people subscribing to your RSS feed. Your efforts are successful right? Learn how to set goals and have your social strategy help to achieve those goals from our leading panel of experts.

Speaker: Kelly Feller

Social Media for Business

  • Executives agree that social media is important, but priorities don’t reflect that. Why?
    • ROI is hard to calculate
    • Results are not often immediate
    • Focus on too many tools dilutes efforts
    • Infrastructure investments (hiring in-house) is often required
    • Marketers and Finance are accustomed to managing and funding short term campaigns, not long term programs
  • Misaligned strategic model
    • Campaign approach; transactional, occasional, impersonal, short-term
    • Programmatic approach; interaction, constant, relationship, sustained
      • Metrics are measured different for each
    • Social campaign…
      • Awareness, can often be outsourced, finite time periods, specific budgets, specific success metrics, ROI easier to calculate, less head-count, often B2C, less risk, agency expertise
    • VS. Social program
      • Engagement, in-house, ongoing, various budgets, diverse success metrics, ROI difficult to calculate, head-count investment, often B2B, greater risk, consultant expertise
    • Campaign approach is good for..
      • Awareness building, elections, product or campaign launches, pledge drives, event/trade shows, social advertising, social contests, facebook fan builder
    • Program approach is good for..
      • Relationship building, communities, blogs, customer support, corporate facebook page
    • Social media proliferation is bad for companies, and leads to a fragmented brand experience
    • Focus on doing a couple things well;
      • Determine objectives; share messages, join conversations, learn from audience, acquire new fans
      • Choose one or two; listening, blog (when in doubt) twitter, LinkedIn
      • Test and Measure; set specific goals, engage at least daily, don’t give up, report results regularly
    • LinkedIn
      • People don’t mind talking about businesses on LinkedIn

Speaker: Justin Kistner        

Paid Social Campaigns


  • Still at the infancy stage of social analytics
  • Facebook’s ad network is growing 125% faster than Google’s did during same age in company
  • The older Facebook users are, the more they click on Facebook ads

Building Facebook fans

  • Engagement earns fans
  • Built through friends
  • Brand posts are not seen by the majority of fans; if a company has 1 million fans and posts something on their wall, this will only show up in about 3% of fan news feeds
  • Edgerank – this is to Facebook as page rank is to Google
  • Use content that is socially relevant for Facebook to build engagement; blog posts generally do poorly

Business purpose

  • Facebook is more about customer loyalty than customer acquisition
  • Give fans a reason to be fans (special offers)
  • Fans of brands will spend more on those brands
  • CTR is 7X higher for ads targeted to fans, rather than non fans

Measure and Optimize

  • Use apps to create landing pages
  • Track Facebook campaigns like a website

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