Paid Media Strategies with Anthony NicholsOctober 15, 2019 – SEMpdx welcomed Anthony Nichols, Founder of collystring, to speak at this month’s event where he presented, “How Owned Data Can Improve Your Paid Media Strategies”.  Below are several takeaways from the evening:

  1. Understand the different types of data: First Party (you are the owner & aggregator), Second Party (another business owns the data), Third Party (a large scale aggregator that sells data programmatically)
  2. Test different data sources to determine which performs better.
  3. Utilize Google Tag Manager. It’s an invaluable data layer that will help inform audience construction.
  4. Analytics is more than just a tool for tracking. It plays well with Google Tag Manager.  You can build custom audiences that push to Google Ads, as well as inform audiences to target and expand from multiple channels and publishers.
  5. Take advantage of applying layers and combinations as they offer infinite potential. When using Google Ads, for example, consider detailed demographics, in-market and affinity.
  6. Prospect new user growth by creating Similar Audiences and Combination Audiences in Google Ads and Lookalike Audiences in Facebook.
  7. Reengage users who haven’t met a primary KPI by remarketing to them. (Touch points are key here.)  Dynamic remarketing is a big opportunity.
  8. For users who have completed a primary KPI, nurture them through additional funnels. Consider RLSA (Google Ads), pixel audience upsells (Gmail sponsored promotions) and customer lists (Facebook ads).

Ultimately, remember your business objectives and use data to drive those objectives towards success.

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