October 16, 2018 – At this month’s SEMpdx event, we turned our attention to B2B and welcomed Directive Consulting’s CEO, Garrett Mehrguth, to share his tips on driving consistent B2B results.  Garrett emphasized the importance of capitalizing on Share of SERP, the practice of taking as many positions in Google as possible for your most valuable queries.  There are several tactics you can execute to help improve your Share of SERP:

  1. Custom landing pages – It’s important to control the landing page experience across every channel.
  2. Frictionless call to action – Instead of using your contact page, consider what you can give the visitor that will help push them through the funnel.
  3. Test ditching your brand name – Title tags and meta descriptions should not be primarily focused on brand.
  4. Decrease click-through-rates – You aren’t everyone’s ideal solution and that’s ok. Clarity almost always wins when testing copy.
  5. Double-down on top performing lists – Once you know a directory is working, launch ads on those terms. A program such as SEMRush can help you analyze keywords and choose which ones to build single keyword ad groups around.
  6. Segment your product – If you serve small business and enterprise, segment your product and take more market share.
  7. Target placements via GDN – Build custom display ads for targeted placements on sites ranking in the top 5.
  8. Experiment with ad networks that rank – Add Quora to SEMRush, filter by keywords, and launch ads on the most relevant topics.
  9. Use Google’s wildcard to expand – Utilize Answer the Public and Moz Keyword Explorer to prioritize your optimal expansion opportunities.

It was an excellent presentation followed by an especially dynamic Q&A.  If you’re not an SEMpdx member, join today and benefit year-round!

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