June 6, 2017 – The focus of this month’s event was multi-channel marketing, and we welcomed Dave Roth, CEO of Emergent Digital, who shared tips for successfully utilizing multiple communication channels in our campaigns.

  1. Understand your customer personas, including which channels and networks they are using.
  2. Use a single source of data to effectively communicate with the client. You can use other systems for intra-channel optimization, but commit to one source for client communication.
  3. Consider various modes of communication with your target audience, such as ad copy, meta descriptions, push notifications, email, native content, offline channels, etc.
  4. Use communication channels to their strengths. Don’t force your message through a channel it’s not suited for.
  5. Start with paid search and add multiple channels incrementally. AdWords, for example, is a great testing platform, providing data for SEO expansion and keyword sourcing.
  6. Layer user acquisition with focused re-targeting.

Dave also stressed the importance of testing.  Continually test campaigns to identify the sweet spot of effective communication with your audience.

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