Future of Digital Marketing Speaker Panel - January 2018January 9, 2018 – At this month’s sold out event, we welcomed a panel of experts to share their insights on the future of digital marketing.  Scott Hendison, Todd Mintz, Anna Hutson and Kevin Getch – all SEMpdx board members – hosted a generous Q&A session, providing their thoughts on all things digital.  Here are a few highlights from the night:

  • Basic tactics are still working. Oftentimes, the problem companies face is not having a customer-centric strategy to work from.
  • Continuing to focus on your overall content is important. Create good content to be seen by those who should be seeing it.
  • Google Assistant will become your interface for everything from social to purchasing, etc.
  • Google will continue to double-down on user experience.
  • Site speed should be one of your primary tactics. Tools such as GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights provide helpful analyses.
  • While AI has gained ground recently, there is still a place for humans. One way we can leverage AI is to view it as much improved problem solving.
  • Search engines are moving towards the meaning behind the query. With that in mind, optimize from a topical standpoint.

As the panel reminded us, there are some really good improvements Google has made.  Our job as digital marketers is to weed these out from the rest.

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