Future of Digital Marketing Speaker Panel - January 2018January 9, 2018 – At this month’s sold out event, we welcomed a panel of experts to share their insights on the future of digital marketing.  Scott Hendison, Todd Mintz, Anna Hutson and Kevin Getch – all SEMpdx board members – hosted a generous Q&A session, providing their thoughts on all things digital.  Here are a few highlights from the night:

  • Basic tactics are still working. Oftentimes, the problem companies face is not having a customer-centric strategy to work from.
  • Continuing to focus on your overall content is important. Create good content to be seen by those who should be seeing it.
  • Google Assistant will become your interface for everything from social to purchasing, etc.
  • Google will continue to double-down on user experience.
  • Site speed should be one of your primary tactics. Tools such as GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights provide helpful analyses.
  • While AI has gained ground recently, there is still a place for humans. One way we can leverage AI is to view it as much improved problem solving.
  • Search engines are moving towards the meaning behind the query. With that in mind, optimize from a topical standpoint.

As the panel reminded us, there are some really good improvements Google has made.  Our job as digital marketers is to weed these out from the rest.

Sarah Hinds
Sarah is a search marketing consultant, helping clients improve ROI through paid search, SEO and social media initiatives. She is also the Official SEMpdx Event Blogger and can be found at all of the monthly events.
Sarah Hinds
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